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Akzéntz Professional Nails Products is a 100% Canadian brand of high quality products made for and by nail professionals. Anne Goldsmith is the official distributor of their products in Ontario, Canada.

The Best and

Most Consistent


Professionals agree that Akzéntz Professional Nails Products are some of the best on the market and Anne Goldsmith, founder of TPN Nail Supply has chosen to exclusively endorse this brand because she considers them to be the best and most consistent product.


Akzéntz Professional Nails Products are ethically produced in Canada, they are not tested on animals, they’re vegan, and they are completely odourless. 


The 100% pure gel products never crack and are customizable within their four main product lines: Gel Play, Luxio, Options, and Pro-Formance. Akzéntz also maintains and updates a wide range of Essentials, tools and basics that all nail technicians, novices and experts alike, need on a regular basis.


In Ontario, TPN Nail Supply is the one-stop shop for anything and everything that a nail salon would ever need. From buffers and wipes for a simple touch up to glitter and bling for the most complicated nail art, TPN Nail Supply has got you covered.

Akzentz Company


Akzéntz Professional Nails Products is a brand created by Haigh Industries Incorporated, a 100% Canadian owned and operated business. Company President Sandra Haigh, a former nail salon owner herself, founded the company and now runs it alongside her husband Vice-President Frank Haigh. 


In 1984, when she was operating her own nail salon, she was nearly evicted due to complaints about the overpowering scent of the different nail products that were required to make perfect nails. Sandra Haigh teamed up with a local chemist to formulate an odourless solution and thus Akzéntz was born.


Akzéntz is a trendsetter in the nail industry as they consistently release new and award-winning nail products. With the vision of their president, they heavily invest in research and development to solve new and more difficult problems. Through extensive research and innovation, Akzéntz has earned a reputation as a formidable force in the beauty industry, with exclusive formulations designed to inspire and support the skills of professional nail technicians around the globe. Their team of chemists and chemical engineers strive for perfection when creating Akzéntz professional nail products.

Sandra Haigh continues to be personally responsible for the creation and manufacturing of some of the most innovative and groundbreaking nail products and, as the professional nail industry progresses, Akzéntz is committed to continually raise the bar and lead the entire industry into the 21st century.

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