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High pigmented gel for gel manicures. Self leveling. Medium viscosity. 

9 Free, HEMA Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan

Available in 15ml bottle

Important: Our gel polishes are highly pigmented, please apply thin layer to avoid gel wrinkling. Use UV/LED light with Low-Heat mode to avoid heat spikes

DO NOT USE/MIX WITH OTHER GEL SYSTEMS! USE WITH RED IGUANA GEL PRODUCTS ONLY! We do not use aggressive ingredients (especially acids) in our professional line, instead we used chose healthier ingredients that work with each other and provide you and your clients with strong long lasting gel manicures. Using non Red Iguana products may cause chipping, lifting, peeling, color fading etc. Use our system together to achieve the best results!

For best results you need:

1. UV Primer

2. Base Coat Soak-Off Gel

3. Top Coat Soak-Off Gel

Cure Time: 
LED/UV 48W  ~ 60-90 seconds

How to remove: File off top coat  - Saturate a piece of a cotton round with 100% acetone, place over the nail, and wrap with foil.  - Allow the acetone to do the work for you - this can take 10-20 min depending on the amount of product you left on the nail prior to soaking with acetone.   - Once the product is lifting and looks ready to be scraped off, use cuticle pusher and remove the gel from the nail. Take care to be gentle, but firm, and if the gel doesn't want to come off, put the acetone wrap back on the nail. 

Ingredients: Bis-HEA Poly(propyleneglycol)-53/IPDI Copolymer, Bis-HEA Poly(1,4-


Smoke - 15g

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