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Mermaid Flakes is a beautiful iridescent flakes that color shifts shades of AB rainbow colors! These gorgeous and versatile iridescent flakes can be used with polish or gel.

When applied over white or a light base color, the flake shifts between pink, purple, and blue with a tint of gold and green shimmers.

When applied over black or a dark color, the flake shifts between pink, gold, and green. 

Try it over different base colors for different looks; gloss topcoat it or matte topcoat it, the possibilities are endless!


  • Apply base coat, then your choice of color.
  • Apply a layer of non-wipe gel topcoat & cure.
  • Use nail art brush, silicone brush or cosmetic sponge to buff flakes onto nail surface. 
  • Brush off excess flakes off the nail and cuticle area.
  • Apply a thin layer of Crystal Clear builder to prevent chipping (optional).
  • Seal with top coat, such as our Top Coat with Tacky Layer

Size: 0.5g
Professional use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Color of the jar may be different from product shown.

Mermaid Flakes - #4 - .5g

C$18.00 Regular Price
C$12.60Sale Price

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