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Akzentz Hybrid-Pro comes with 1 year warranty

Hybrid-Pro cures Akzentz Gels that are UV/LED in 30 sec and UV in 60 sec. Touch sensor activation with timer pre-sets of 10, 30, and 60 seconds. Provides a superior cure with the convenience of curing all gels with one lamp.

Hybrid Pro Lamp UV/LED (36watt)

This brand new technology now cures both UV and LED gels by the touch of a button. The Hybrid Pro cures LED gels in 30 second and cures Akzentz UV gels in an astonishing 60 seconds - half the time of other conventional UV lamps.

No need to switch any settings, just simply choose the correct length of time. Best of all, there are no replacement bulbs needed. The New Hybrid Pro saves both time and money. 

  • Cures both LED and UV gels
  • Full hand size
  • Removable magnetic tray with finger placement guides
  • Speeds up cure time of Akzentz UV Gels to just 60 seconds
  • Revolutionary technology - this is NOT a CCFL lamp

Akzentz Hybrid Pro Lamp

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