This is a tack free (non-wipe), shatterproof top gloss with superior shine and mirror-like finish. Shine-On can be applied over any Akzéntz gel for a flawless finish. It is easy to apply and to soak off. Like all of Akzéntz gels, Shine-On is 100% pure gel and solvent free. 

  • Adds amazing shine without yellowing over time

  • Reliable Akzéntz quality.

  • LED 30 sec. cure / UV 2 min. cure 

  • Works with any gel or acrylic


Anne’s Professional Opinion

“This is my favourite top coat I use almost all the time”


A universal bonding gel, designed to flawlessly integrate with all of your favourite Akzéntz gel systems. X-BOND provides the ultimate bond, for even the most troublesome lifters. X-BOND is the perfect base coat for Gel Polish, Hard Gel Sculptures, Soak Off Gel systems & more.

Superior Bond 

100% pure gel

Reliable Akzéntz quality

LED 30 sec. cure / UV 2 min. Cure


Anne’s Professional Opinion

“My favourite base gel.  Perfect for problem lifters.”

Marble Surface




A quick soak-off gel applied between the colour and top coat to add a fun and long-lasting glow in the dark effect. Lights-Out comes in an easy to apply “polish” format and can be used with any gel system. 

  • Glows for hours 

  • 100% pure gel

  • Odour free and soaks off in minutes 

  • Reliable Akzéntz quality

  • LED 30 sec. cure / UV 2 min. cure


Designed to create the perfect arch, fix corner breaks, and picture perfect natural nails overlays. 


Anne’s Professional Opinion

“Perfect If you’re wanting to create the perfect c curve on a natural nail”


Thick viscosity, extra strong gel designed to keep gems, stones and embellishments securely on the nail. 


Anne’s Professional Opinion

“Perfect product to adhere gemstone clusters to the nail”


Stain resistant clear self-leveling builder gel that provides strength and flexibility with high gloss finish.


Anne’s Professional Opinion

“Super strong builder gel that can also be used as a top coat. Does not yellow the nail”

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