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Winter Nail Care 101

It seems as though as soon as the leaves on the trees change colours our nails begin to dry out and sometimes we experience seasonal lifting. The photo below is the perfect illustration for what is happening to your nails. Here are a few tips to help prevent winter dryness.

1. Cuticle Oil

I'm sure you've been told thousands of times by your nail technician to use cuticle oil. It's the best thing you can for your nails. Apply it multiple times throughout the day. Yes you heard me use it "multiple" times. Apply it on top of your nails and under the free edge. Don't just carry it around in your purse, cuticle oil only works if you actually use it on your nails!

2. Wear Gloves

Wear gloves every time you do dishes or clean the house. Water and cleaning products will dry out those nails extra quick this time of year. If you walk by a mirror and see a smudge that you have to clean don't forget to put on a pair of gloves before you wipe it down. The ammonia in Windex is very drying. If you doing a quick wipe down of your counter with a lysol wipe put on gloves it only take a few minutes and it will save those nails from harsh cleaning product. You should also make sure your gloves don't have any holes!

3. Use Hand Cream After Hand Sanitizer

Every time you go into a store there's hand sanitizer for you to use. The alcohol in hand sanitizer is very drying to your hands and nails. Have you ever noticed sometimes the free edge of your nails are pulling away from the gel product? That's because those puppies are dry so every time you use hand sanitizer slap on some hand cream your nails and hands will thank you!

4. Moisturizing Add On Treatments

When you get your nails done ask your nail technician if she offers any add on treatments during the winter months. Perhaps she offers paraffin wax which is not only moisturizing but it will help warm your fingers. Another service she may offer is IBX which is a super hydrating natural nail treatment which is a great compliment to your nail services.

5. Hoard Cuticle Oil & Hand Cream

Become a hoarder of cuticle and hand cream. If you walk by any of it in a store make sure you grab some. Put it in your car, on your kitchen counter, bathroom counter, night stand and coffee table. Every time you wash your hands get in the habit of using hand cream and cuticle oil. Apply it when you're relaxing watching tv or reading a book. Apply it again right before bed. Just never apply it 24 hours before your nail appointment!

Remember cuticle oil only works if you use it!!

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