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DON'TS When Getting Your Nail Services

I'm back with more tips while you're in the manicure chair! Let's take a sarcastic look at some things you should never do while getting your nails done. Following these tips will not only make your nail tech is happy but will ensure you leave the salon with gorgeous nails!

Tip #1 - DON'T bring a snack or Lunch to your appointment!

You might be wondering who does this. Believe it or not it does happen. Some people book their nail appointment during their lunch break and think they can eat while getting their nails done. Can I get a BLT design with actual food? That's a hard NO!! While it is a crazy thing and you can watch videos of people doing that online I don't personally know any nail tech who works with food. Can you imagine your poor nail tech trying to work around the mayo under your nails or bread crumbs that got stuck to the gel on your nails while you eat? Not only is that unsanitary but it's oh so GROSS!! Keep your food out of the salon please.

Tip #2 - DON'T take phone calls!

This has got to be every nail tech's biggest pet peeve. Not only does she not want to hear your phone conversation but she's on a schedule and doesn't want to run behind while you take your call. Let me paint you a picture of how this usually goes.

Your nails tech just finishes applying gel to your nails and asks you to put your hand into the light BUT you got a phone call and you HAVE to answer it. You take the call and don't notice that as you chat the gel has run into your cuticles. You finish the call and quickly stick your hand in the lamp.

Your nail tech is freaking out because she wanted to see the nail before you put it in the lamp. She knew there would be a mess to clean but now the gel has now begun to cure and she has a hot mess to fix. She's on a time crunch her next client is due to arrive in 10 min so she does the best she can to remove the gobs of gel that has run into your cuticles. and cured there. Your nails will most likely lift before your next appointment and you will blame your nail tech because your nails didn't last even though it was your fault because you HAD to take that call. Unless it's an emergency please stay off your phone!

Tip #3 - DON'T wear a fuzzy sweater or put your hands in your pocket!