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What Do I do Everyday?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Being a nail technician is not as simple as it seems. There is a nuance to the job. First we have to have a creative drive, we have to train under strict regulations, and if we want to be great, we have to spend many years burning the midnight oil practicing our designs and our artworks. After all, our job is all bout the client experience and we want to give them the best possible service.

Setting Up The Salon

I'm up at 6 am everyday. Why do I get up that early? I need time to prepare it's not like I'm a morning person! I NEED COFFEE right away. My brain doesn't function without it. Then I get up read my bible, comb through emails and Facebook and plan my day. I have to make sure the salon is clean and set up for the day, my tools must be cleaned and sanitized. Not only do I need to be ready mentally but physically. I move very slowly at least until 9am!

Boy I Hope They Sent In The Design Ahead Of Time

Did you know that some nail technicians including myself don't like being put on the spot when a client comes in and says do what you want? Panic sets in! What if they hate what I'm doing because oh yes sometimes they do!! I appreciate those that plan ahead.

A thousand things run through my mind almost all the time. It's busy up there so as I'm creating some of these nail designs so I always appreciate time to prepare. It helps me to keep the calm in my mind and think about how to execute it the chosen design. This is part of my daily routine I go through photos and plan. When I recreated my Sly in the photo above he took 10 hours to recreate. I had to get every detail right he's a 20 year old cat and I needed to make sure the nail did him justice.

Talking to The Client

Most people don't realize that I'm very quiet and I really like to keep to myself. Keeping the conversation going is not an easy task for me. When I first started in the industry I used to plan in my mind talking points. I know that sounds crazy but it's something I had to do. Fortunately now most of my clients have been coming for years so the conversations flow but when a new person comes. I still do panic a little on what to talk about.

I'm so grateful for those clients who talks all the time. I actually feel most at ease with them because they do all the conversational work LOL! A day full of talkative clients is truly my dream day!

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