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How Can I Get My Services Completed In Half The Time

Great title I know but the answer to this isn't simple! It requires an investment of your time and diligence. In the end you will shave lots of time off your services if you follow the steps listed below.

Efile Manicure

It's essential that you take a really good efile manicure course where they teach you all about clean cuticles and care. While you will find some of these courses online most educator including myself will only teach these classes in person. Why? Because it's so important that you learn proper pressure with an efile and this can only be taught in person.

Educate Your Clients On At Home Care

Teach your clients to use cuticle oil every single day. It's essential to keep their nails hydrated so they don't dry out. This will keep their nails lasting longer without lifting! Fills will take less time if nails are well cared for.

Flawless Gel Application

This is one of the most time saving tips but it takes practice! The goal here is to apply your gel so that you have little to no finish filing. I like to use a light with a round bulb so I can check my line of light and make sure there are no dips or pits in the nail. Below is a photo of a line of light on a nail. Follow this line all across the nail checking every angle to make sure it's completely smooth.

When your not working on a client pull out a tip and practice applying your gel so that its completely smooth. You want to be able to do this with all types of gel. If your gel is thin viscosity this is much easier than if it's a thicker viscosity as they don't self level as easy. If you use a thick viscosity gel you can use a cuticle stick as your brush and work to apply your gel as smooth as possible. Once you master a smooth application with a cuticle stick your application with a brush will be absolutely flawless.

Form Application

If you are doing a full set of extensions you will want to make sure your form is properly angled and fit for the shape you are hoping to create. Once again the goal is to do a no file gel application so that if your product application is smooth and flawless. If you do need to file you're only filing the free edge of the nail. You are working clean. Your brush does all the work not your file.

Here at TPN Nail Academy we offer all the classes you need to help so you can cut down your application time. If you can't find the class you're looking for email us at

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